About Us



  • Our Native Men, Inc is a 501(c)3 with its Articles of Incorporation recognized by the IRS and the State of Oklahoma.  This organization will commit to find every resource possible to meet the needs of our Young Native     Men through trainings, support services, and outreach.  This organization is funded by donors, fundraising, and grants.

The Mission

It is to make a commitment to provide quality service and outreach to young pre-teen boys and encourage them into adulthood and to celebrate the roles and responsibilities of your young men and challenge them to reach, honor and protect their full potential 

The Vision

Is to see young native males on a national level and build a network amongst each other as well as their fathers, mentors, and male figures in efforts to establish a strong brotherhood with the vision for healthy choices and relationships to empower their communities. 

The Idea

Chance believes that we have to have a higher standard for and from our native males.  It's time that we provide more trainings & educational opportunities to keep them accountable and honest.  More support is needed to build self-esteem to handle issues in society.  This organization is devoted to our young warriors and will utilize all resources to encourage and celebrate them.  Not all are the same or come from the same background, but we all need to play a part in guiding them to the direction in which they are created for.  It's easy to say "our young men need help", but they also need to be heard and recognize the gifts they can contribute to their community and society.  We hope and pray this outreach can play a role in the life of a strong determined warrior.  Chance is all in, and will commit every donation and funding to empower this amazing journey with  

BOARD of trustees


Brandon Stevens

Kyle Richard Doney

Kyle Richard Doney

Vice-Chairman Oneida Tribe of Indian of Wisconsin

AAS – United Tribes Technical College

BS – Haskell Indian Nations University

MBA – Lakeland College


Kyle Richard Doney

Kyle Richard Doney

Kyle Richard Doney

  Seminole Tribe of Florida

Native Learning Center Deputy Executive Director

Florida State University 07-Political Science Bachelor of Science Degree


Rudy Soto

Kyle Richard Doney

Rudy Soto

Shoshone Bannock Tribal Member

Bachelors of Arts, Liberal Studies Degree from 

Portland State University 

Political Development, National Indian Gaming Association

American Public Health Association Member

Sergeant, Washington, DC Army National Guard