Evidence Base Curriculum

Presented through trainings for quality leadership.


Topics or current issues and networking opportunities that will benefit our Native Males.

Father & Son Initiatives

Providing goals of bringing a community together.

Community Service

 Encourage outreach and volunteering on behalf of Native Males. 

College Prep/GED Completion

Resource for a stronger future.

Lecture Series

We will provide some great speakers with great stories.


Cultural Events

To educate and encourage others to celebrate our Native Culture and young men.

Independent Living


Teaching and Preparing for Job placement to better understand Employment.

Mentoring, Tutoring, and Coaching

Personal attention through after school mentoring, tutoring and coaching.

Athletic Programs

Building programs to be competitive to be the best of your ability.

Training and Speaking

Provide full energy and compassion through training and presentations. 


Making a commitment to provide the need of our young men via counseling, AA sessions, and hotlines.